From Art to Artifact:  Making Sense of Roman Coins





Dartmouth's Roman Numismatists thank our professor, Roberta Stewart, for guiding us through our project and teaching us that knowing nothing is still something.

We would also like to extend great thanks to the Hood Museum of Art for providing us with the material, space, and support to produce our exhibit, particularly Brian Kennedy, Director of the Hood Museum; Bart Thurber, Curator of European Art; Patrick Dunfey, Exhibitions Designer and Preparations Supervisor; and Kathy Hart, Curator of Academic Programming.

We owe sincere appreciation to the staff of Dartmouth's Arts and Humanities Resource Center (AHRC). Anthony Helm, Director of the AHRC, designed and implemented the web template to support the exhibit, taught us how to use it, and incorporated all of our images and data. The web site would not have been possible without him. Susan Bibeau, AHRC Computing Consultant, designed and compiled our catalogue. Special thanks to her.

For help beyond Datmouth, we thank Bill Metcalf, adjunct professor and the Curator of Coins and Medals at Yale, for speaking to our class and answering our questions. Finally, we thank Dartmouth's Department of Classics, especially Roger Ulrich, the Department Chair, for helping to get us this far.


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