From Art to Artifact:  Making Sense of Roman Coins

Denarius of P. Satrienus

Coin Information

The coin, a silver Roman denarius, was minted at Rome by Publius Satrienus in 77 BCE. The mass of the coin is 2.9 g, a figure in line with the theoretical standard of 2.86 g observed in Roman denarii. The obverse depicts the helmeted head of Roma, the personification of the city of Rome, facing R. Behind her is a mint mark (XXXIII); a row of dots encircles the obverse face. The reverse depicts a she-wolf, facing L with forepaw raised, her fecundity indicated by prominent teats. ROMA is inscribed above, P(UBLIUS) SATRIENUS is in exergue. There is again a row of dots encircling the reverse.