From Art to Artifact:  Making Sense of Roman Coins

Denarius of Augustus

Coin Information

Obverse: Laureate head of Augustus facing right.
Legend: CAESARAVGVSTVS DIVIFPATERTATRIAE, counterclockwise starting five o’clock facing outward and ending at six o’clock.

Caesar Augustus Divi F(ilius) Pater Patriae, or

Caesar Augustus, son the deified Julius Caesar, father of the fatherland.

Reverse: Togate Gaius and Lucius Caesar stand frontally with two shields with round bosses and two upright spears between then. Above and behind in the field are a simpulum and a lituus.
Legend: AVGVSTIFCOSDESIGPRINCIVVENT, clockwise starting at four o’clock and ending at eight o’clock facing out.

Augusti F(ilii) Consules Designati Principes Jueventutis

Sons of Augustus designated Consuls and Princes of the Youth

            C(aius et) L(ucius) CAESARES
            Gaius and Lucius Caesar

27.1.29270 and 27.1.29268

RIC I: Augustus 207 1A