From Art to Artifact:  Making Sense of Roman Coins

The Coin of Julia Titi

Coin Information

Silver Denarius, Reign of Titus
Mint of Rome, 80-81 CE
Weight: 3.48g

Obverse: Draped and diademed bust of Julia Titi, daughter of Titus, with long plaited hair tied in a plait, facing right; border of dots; IVLIA AV[GVSTA TI]TI AVGVSTI F (The August Julia, Daughter of Titus Augustus) 5 o’clock, counterclockwise, outwardly.

Reverse: Venus leaning on a column, with drapery around her thighs and a bra strap across her back, otherwise nude; turned three-quarters away from the viewer, standing right; holding a spear in her left hand and helmet in her right; border of dots; V[E]NVS AVGVST, 5 o’clock, counterclockwise, outwardly.

Hood: 2005.24.1
RIC Titus- 388